Friday, November 4, 2011

Just bought Dana Stabenow's 1995 novel Red Planet Run for my Kindle ebook reader

Shhh! Don’t tell the anti-Amazon crowd, but I just purchased the novel Red Planet Run (Ace Books 1995; Gere Donovan Press 2011), the third book in the Star Svensdotter science fiction series by award-winning mystery writer Dana Stabenow, for my Kindle e-book reader. Here’s the promotional blurb posted on Amazon:

Twelve years have passed since the events of A Handful of Stars. Star continues to silently mourn Caleb’s death, World Builders, Inc. is completing its first asteroid-based Bernal sphere, and the Svensdotter twins are of a restless age. When the opportunity to undertake a survey mission of Mars’ Cydonia region presents itself, Star leaps at the chance.

Drifting above Mars' surface, the family rediscovers the wonder of pure exploration. With strength and humor, Star addresses her parenting difficulties, battles 21st century piracy, connects with a self-sustaining Martian colony and discovers a mysterious link with the red planet’s—and Earth’s—ancient past.

In this concluding volume of the trilogy, Svensdotter comes to terms with the repercussions of The Big Lie and is forced to look back to Terra as well as out to the stars.

An Alaskan, writer Dana Staben once worked on the Alyeska Pipeline in order to earn some much needed cash.

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