Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chained-to-the-wall review of Marvel's new ERB comic book adaptation John Carter: A Princess of Mars #2

JCOM Reader, a fan blog devoted to news and reviews from Barsoom, Mongo & other planets, has another scathing review of industry titan Marvel's new five-issue comic book adaptation series Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic science fiction novel A Princess of Mars. This time, it's John Carter: A Princess of Mars #2 (October 2011)!

See John Carter meet the beautiful but deadly Princess Dejah Thoris! Watch him make a dangerous enemy! And discover the fate of those who dare to cross the Martians, when Carter takes the life of a Thark warrior!

Written by Roger Langridge with interior artwork by Filipe Andrade and variant covers by Skottie Young and Andrade, John Carter: A Princess of Mars #2 (October 2011) should be available at your local comic book shop!

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