Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just bought Kevin J. Anderson's 1994 novel Climbing Olympus for my Kindle ebook reader

Shhh! Don’t tell the anti-Amazon crowd, but I just purchased the novel Climbing Olympus (1994, 2010), written by bestselling science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, for my Kindle e-book reader. Here’s the promotional blurb posted on Amazon:

They were prisoners, exiles, pawns of a corrupt government. Now they are Dr. Rachel Dycek’s adin, surgically transformed beings who can survive new lives on the surface of Mars. But they are still exiles, unable ever again to breathe Earth’s air. And they are still pawns.

For the adin exist to terraform Mars for human colonists, not for themselves. Creating a new Earth, they will destroy their world, killed by their own success. Desperate, adin leader Boris Tiban launches a suicide campaign to sabotage the Mars Project, knowing his people will perish in a glorious, doomed campaign of mayhem—unless embattled, bitter Rachel Dycek can find a miracle to save both the Mars Project and the race she created.

If you sign up now for Anderson’s mailing list, you get a free download of his original novelette Human, Martian—One, Two, Three (1993)!

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