Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Don't Look Now" satirical 1940's short story by Henry Kuttner about invisible Martian paranoia

Thanks to another generous fan of old paperback books at the Internet Archive, you can read or download “Don’t Look Now,” a 1948 short story penned by American science fiction, fantasy and horror author Henry Kuttner about how Earth is deemed to be the property of Martian overlords, as it was reprinted in the fascinating anthology My Best Science Fiction Story (1954).

According to Kuttner, his “Don’t Look Now” has “the technical accuracy of Jules Verne, the realism of H. G .Wells, the social implications of Tolstoi (Leo--the Count, I mean), the freedom of Laurence Sterne, and the terseness of the Bible (the King James translation, of course)." 

Tinko Valia of Variety SF has an excellent discussion of "Don’t Look Now."

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