Sunday, September 18, 2011

The War of the Worlds and Total Recall are Christian films

According to “50 Films That You Wouldn’t Think Were Christian, But Actually Are,” a list compiled by Daniel Mumby, who loves God and loves film, posted on the website WhatCulture!, both The War of the Worlds (1953) and Total Recall (1990) are † films!

The War of the Worlds (1953) — Byron Haskin’s adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel has much the same attitude to God as Cecil B. De Mille -- God turns up at the last minute to explain and excuse all the carnage and horror that has gone before. Having come to the most anticlimactic ending in science fiction, Haskin rubs it in further by claiming that God was on the case all along, having created the bacteria which did for the Martians. It’s an offensive bolt-on, but it does fulfill the criteria of this list as a wildcard entry.

Total Recall (1990) — Paul Verhoeven’s second entry on this list ends with some startling Biblical imagery. Verhoeven has long aimed to make a film about the life of Jesus, and the ending of Total Recall as is epic as anything in The Ten Commandments. The sight of a mountain erupting with life-giving oxygen and the liberation of the Martian mutant underclass are clear uses of Christian imagery, as are the positioning of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rachel Ticotin as the new Adam and Eve. One suspects that this kind of spirituality will be absent from the remake starring Kate ‘Underworld’ Beckinsale.

Ghosts of Mars (2001) didn't make the list? Blasphemy!

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