Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Video clip: Jason Statham discovers Pam Grier's severed head impaled on spike in 2001 SF-Horror film Ghosts of Mars

Here’s a heady clip from The Ghosts of Mars (2001), an action-packed science fiction-horror film directed by Hollywood horror director John Carpenter that is set in the late 22nd century on a partially terraformed Mars in which an ancient evil Martian civilization is uncovered in a remote mining town.

The music in this clip is actually a song called “Pam Grier's Head,” written/performed by director John Carpenter, musician Elliot Easton, and heavy metal band Anthrax. 

Ghosts of Mars stars Ice Cube as Desolation Williams; Natasha Henstridge as Officer Melanie Ballard; Jason Statham as Sgt. Nathan Jericho; Clea DuVall as Bashira Kincaid; Pam Grier as Commander Helena Braddock; and Joanna Cassidy as Whitlock.

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