Monday, September 5, 2011

Slavers of Mars RPG character: "Crimson" Jayde

Thanks to a sale that role playing game company Adamant Entertainment ran earlier this year, I’m spending my Labor Day working with Slavers of Mars (2007), an RPG campaign setting created by Walt Ciechanowski that journeys into the Martian wilderness to retrieve the wayward daughter of a nobleman ... and turns into a fight for survival against the Slavers of Mars! Check out this character bio which I clipped from the dramatis personae:

"Crimson" Jayde

Still a young woman, Crimson Jayde already has enough stories woven about her to go toe-to-toe against any airship captain. Legends say she just walked out of the Grey Expanse with her Green Martian bodyguard in tow. She had enough money to purchase her own airship, and she hired a seasoned crew and captain to hunt for relics.

Crimson Jayde got her nickname when one of her scavenging forays attracted the attention of a glashgar. The glashgar killed the captain and four of the crew before Jayde and Tosk finally brought it down. Jayde was covered in the glashgar’s blood, earning her the nickname “Crimson.” Jayde renamed her ship in honor of that event and finally became its true captain.

Adding to Jayde’s mystery is her devastating beauty, with dark green eyes and long raven hair that cascades down her back. She speaks with a slight Baltan accent, although she hates the Baltan government with a passion. When not wearing her silkweave armor (which she only dons for anticipated combat), Jayde wears comfortable, revealing clothes that accentuate her “attributes.” She has a fun, flirty personality darkened only by Tosk, who never remains far from her.

Jayde plays at being a merchant, but she is really a sky-corsair. She normally attacks Baltanese cargoes and sells the wares to Callor and independent kingdoms. Jayde is also fascinated with Grey Martian artifacts, and will go out of her way to acquire them.

Slavers of Mars is an introductory adventure for Adamant Entertainment's MARS: The Roleplaying Game of Planetary Romance.

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