Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New detective novella: "Murder on Mars" by Louise Crawford

If you’re a SF&F fan who is not afraid of suspense, a self-published author, and “content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under,” consider the new detective novella “Murder on Mars” by L. F. Crawford. Here’s the extended description, taken from Smashwords, where you can read a lengthy excerpt:

Titan Intergalactic Investigator Wolf Steele has spent almost 20 years among Firsts, or non-genetically engineered humans, much of that time as a homicide detective. Now he’s been sent to Mars for what should be an uneventful six-month assignment. But within twenty-four hours of his arrival, someone murders a young woman, with more to follow — all nearly eighteen, black, and like everyone shipped off to Mars, unwanted. He learns he’s being set up to take the rap.

As Wolf races to stop the real killer, he discovers his old partner and friend is desperately searching for one of the targeted girls — in order to save her. Wolf also encounters the woman he loves. But as he uncovers more secrets and traces them from Mars to Moonbase, he discovers that the murders and his involvement lead back to his parents and brother — leaders of Titan currently on Moonbase for negotiations with First Leader — negotiations that could end in war, if Wolf does not stop the killer and unearth the truth.

Louise F. Crawford has been writing suspense, mystery and romance works for almost 20 years. She holds an M.A. in Psychology (handy in developing characters and their murderous motivations!) and occasionally blogs. For additional insight into Louise and her writings, check out this lengthy August 2011 interview!

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