Sunday, July 17, 2011

New SF novel journeys to Mars: Vallar by Cindy Borgne

Here is yet another interesting new science fiction novel that was brought to my attention: Vallar, written by Cindy Borgne and published in April 2011 by Amazon Digital Services. A blend of action, adventure, suspense and romance that journeys to Mars of the future, here is the formal description:

Ian Connors struggles to save the girl of his dreams and escape the corruption surrounding him - otherwise there is no future for either of them. He must take charge of his life or he will remain a pawn and forever separated from those he loves.

The story takes place in the future about a hundred years after the people of Earth decided to abandon the colonies of Mars. This happened due to Earth's population problems and a dwindling of their own resources. Over time, the scientific colonies evolved into military factions. The leaders of Marscorp believe that by conquering smaller organizations they will be able to gain enough power to force their way back to Earth. They seek to use Ian for his psychic ability in order to complete their mission.

You can read the first 6 chapters of Vallar for free and gain additional insight into the novel by reading this June 2011 interview with Borgne and several of these reviews.

Cindy Borgne, who is currently working on a sequel to Vallar, lives in Michigan with her two kids and their lovable basset hound. Her favorite authors include Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert and Connie Willis.

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