Thursday, July 14, 2011

New SF action thriller: Red Storm: A Novel by Frank Luna

Here is another interesting work that is new to me: Red Storm: A Novel, a science fiction action thriller written by Emmy award-winning television director Frank Luna that was published by Gravity Bay Publishing just a few weeks ago. The storyline revolves around a heroic astronaut on Mars who must rescue his crew and save his mission from a sinister conspiracy.

American Commander “Mac” MacTavish and his international team of scientists and engineers are wrapping up an eighteen-month mission at Mars Base. Without warning, all communication with Earth is mysteriously lost. Mac’s egotistical science chief discovers that a massive solar flare has impacted Earth, causing catastrophic damage and most likely political and social upheaval.

Unsure if it is safe to return home, Mac decides to wait for the arrival of the Mars 3 spacecraft and the relief crew already en route from Earth. After several weeks with no communication, Mars 3 lands nearby, showing no signs of life. Expecting a grisly scene, Mac enters the lifeless lander, but he is stunned and horrified by what he discovers.

Are Mac and his crew the sole survivors of a galactic solar catastrophe or something more sinister? Now it is up to him to discover the truth in the midst of this Red Storm.

Kirkus Reviews concludes that Red Storm is “An engrossing page-turner, and though some might find its characters a bit too familiar, Luna’s penchant for plot twists provide an ultimately satisfying read.”


  1. You don't have to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this story. The pace is fast and flows evenly throughout. The characters are hard not to like. And the climax has a nifty thought-provoking twist that really adds to the payoff at the end.

  2. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. The plot twists kept me up too late at night, wondering what was coming next. I'm hoping the author has a sequel in him.

  3. Couldn't put it down. Love the solar flare incorporation as we've been seeing more and more of these lately. SEQUEL!!!