Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trailer for new monster mayhem Mars DVD film Interplanetary

Fans of science fiction-horror-comedy movies set on Mars will enjoy the teaser trailer for the 2008 film Interplanetary, which was just released on DVD. Written and directed by Chance Shirley, Interplanetary stars actress Mia Frost, and actors Kyle Homan and Michael Shelton. Here’s the promotional blurb:

Nine men and women, employees of Interplanetary Corporation, live and work on Mars. Their days aren't particularly interesting, much less exciting, until they are assaulted by a murderous band of strangers and a seemingly unstoppable alien creature. Do these attacks have anything to do with the Martian fossil recently uncovered by one of the employees? Will the rapidly increasing body count adversely affect Interplanetary's stock price? And can anyone survive long enough to fill out the inevitable paperwork?

According to one viewer, Interplanetary is “a throw back to the cool low-budget 80's sci-fi flicks I used to watch as a kid on VHS tapes. I found it to be a breath of fresh air after being spoon-fed countless big budget, generic, and unoriginal films that the major studios are trying to force on us nowadays.”

The Interplanetary website has links to reviews, audio extras, and official merchandise, including the actual Mars Volkswagen buggy from the film (only $20,000, shipping and engine not included!).

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