Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mars & Beyond: Collection of SF short fiction by Bud Sparhawk

I don’t subscribe to Kindle Swindle conspiracy theories, which is why I just purchased Mars & Beyond (March 2011), a self-published collection of near future stories by science fiction writer and SFWA member Bud Sparhawk that were originally published in Analog Science Fiction/Fact magazine.

According to the foreword of Mars & Beyond, “The stories in this anthology are an attempt to deal with some of the human issues during the industrialization of the solar system, primarily in the space around Jupiter. JBI is the primary company behind this and features in each of the stories in this volume.” Here’s the table of contents:

1) “Olympus Mons” (Analog, January 1998)

2) “The Old Man’s Best” (Analog, May 2011)

3) “The Debt” (Analog, July 1998)

4) “High Flight” (Analog, December 1998)

5) “The Ice Dragon’s Song” (Analog, July 1998)

John C. “Bud" Sparhawk started reading science fiction in 1948 with the Ray Bradbury stories in Collier's magazine. He had his first SF story published in Analog in 1976 and has written many more since, including “Winds of Mars” (free read!), a novella about a sailing race on the Red Planet that was published in the June 2009 issue of Jim Baen’s Universe. Sparhawk lives in Maryland and enjoys sailing on Chesapeake Bay.

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