Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Libertarian review of late Kage Baker’s 2009 novel The Empress of Mars

Geoffrey Allan Plauché of the blog Prometheus Unbound recently posted a lengthy libertarian review of The Empress of Mars (2009), a novel penned by the late American science fiction and fantasy author Kage Baker that revolves around The Empress of Mars, a bar run by character Mary Griffith on a colonial Red Planet controlled by the British Arean Company.

In short, Plauché, an Aristotelian-Liberal political philosopher and an adjunct instructor for Buena Vista University in Iowa, focuses his review on the “rugged individualism and pioneer spirit” of the early Mars colonists like Mary Griffith, the “bureaucratic incompetence” of the British Arean Company, and the “bleak, progressive, collectivist, near-totalitarian hellhole” known as Earth. Both the review and the novel are worth reading!

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