Thursday, November 11, 2010

New novel: The Man Who Conquered Mars by Doug Turnbull

Former mortgage banker, amateur astronomer, rocket buff, space colonization enthusiast, radical Libertarian, NRA member and science fiction writer Doug Turnbull recently self-published a hard SF novel, The Man Who Conquered Mars (September 2010), through Available in both print as well as e-book versions with original illustrations by Joe Hardwick, here’s the promotional blurb:

Ride with Anastasia Konstantinova across hundreds of miles of desert, go spelunking in ancient caves, endure a solar storm, meet a Martian dust devil and experience life as a Mars Colonist in 2052. Ana, along with her friends, Andy and Bob, become embroiled in political intrigue, fight in a revolution, explore the natural world of Mars, and execute an exciting rescue of the crew of a crashed spacecraft. Together, they must also solve the mystery of who built a recently discovered alien structure and who left a human artifact there a hundred years before. Action, romance and lively dialog fill this upbeat, swiftly paced novel.

Several excerpts and illustrations from The Man Who Conquered Mars are posted on Doug Turnbull’s website. Also, a 14-minute video of Turnbull reading the first chapter of his novel is available on YouTube.

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