Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comic book review round-up: Warlord of Mars #1

Reviews of Warlord of Mars #1 (October 2010), Dynamite Entertainment’s new comic book series adaptation and expansion of beloved pulp author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ fantastical science fiction novel A Princess of Mars (1917), are starting to pile up. Written by Arvid Nelson, drawn by Stephen Sadowski and Lui Antonio, with variant covers by artists Alex Ross, Joe Jusko, Lucio Parillo, and J. Scott Campbell, here are some snippets from various reviews of Warlord of Mars #1:

1) Jen of 21st Century Comics: “Another issue 1, another revival project. John Carter of Mars always seemed cool and difficult to approach to me. The Sinbad of Mars book (was it called that? I don’t know) gave me lush artwork and a quick introduction to the Mars of John Carter with the aid of a character I already knew. That said, Warlord of Mars #1 does you the service of answering the question; who is John Carter?”

2) Greg McElhatton of Comic Book Resources: I've never read any of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars stories. […] In the end, Nelson's scripting is nice, and it has a nice flow to it, but the biggest attraction is what Sadowski brings to the page. Consider me interested in reading more of Warlord of Mars based on this first issue, and at just a buck it's a nice way to lure other curious readers in too. This is a good, solid, enjoyable first issue. If you're interested in a little pulp adventure in your life, you should check it out too.”

3) Mel Odom of Bookhound: "John Carter of Mars is one of those iconic heroes I’ve carried around with me since my childhood. […] Longtime readers of Burroughs’s fiction already know the story of Sola, the young Thark girl that is among those rescued by Tars Tarkas. But we never really got to see much of that relationship before John Carter arrived on the scene. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the tension building within the Thark hordes.”

4) Matt C. of Paradox Comics Group: “There’s a real gap in my sci-fi/fantasy knowledge when it comes to Edgar Rice Burrough’s second most famous creation, John Carter of Mars, but no doubt I’ll one day familiarize myself with his adventures. […] The dollar price tag should be a convincing enough reason for people to give this a shot, and I suspect many of them may be back for more. 7/10”

5) Greg Burgas of Comic Book Resources: “I’ve never read any John Carter stuff, so I’m coming to it cold. […] Anyway, Warlord of Mars is off to a decent start. I’m curious to see if Dejah Thoris has four arms (probably not, given the covers of this issue, even though she’s a Martian) or is nekkid as Burroughs intended her (again, probably not, although a Google image search shows that plenty of other artists don’t have to worry about a mass audience, so they go a bit nuts). But I like Nelson as a writer, and I like Sadowski’s art, so I’ll give this a chance. Why not?”

I'll be buying Warlord of Mars #1. Why? Because of the cool ancient Martian ruins!


  1. Hi Paul,
    I'm disappointed. Nelson don't follow Burrough's canon making Carter a fugitive fighting the North army. Also for Sadowsky when he draw a fat Carter (page 13).
    The martian part of this issue is much better, flashy colors and good action.
    Let's go for the second issue!
    -To Greg Burgas: (It's a shame that you've never read any Burrough's novels.)
    Dejah Thoris is a red martian so like human woman she has only two arms but she lay eggs just like four armed green martian women.

  2. Thanks, Doc. Seems like those unfamiliar with ERB like the new comic, those familiar with ERB dont. Go figure!

  3. I have to agree-the idea of John Carter in a gun fight with Union soldiers is out of character. I wonder though if it isn't being setup that way in place of the Apaches who chase him into the cave. (It's been hinted in the upcoming movie that John Carter is being chased by a union general so it's possible.) I liked the Barsoom action more, even though it is funny that all of the covers prominetly feature Dejah Thoris and she isn't in the issue. I guess scantly clad babes sell!

  4. MCR: Hell, yeah. Scantily clad babes sell!