Sunday, September 19, 2010

Alaska Wilderness League has greater financial transparency than Electronic Frontier Foundation

Despite a board of directors that includes prominent, but ignorant, Information Age revolutionaries, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a San Francisco-based non-profit organization founded in 1990 whose mission includes fostering and promoting the creation and use of digital tools to allow “the public to more closely examine government and corporate entities, and to hold them accountable for deception, censorship and corruption,” will not be winning any presidential awards for financial disclosure and transparency (D&T) in the near future. Here is EFF’s digital commitment to D&T, as posted on its website:

Contrast that with these documents, all posted on the website of the Alaska Wilderness League, a Washington-based non-profit corporation founded in 1993 to further the protection of "the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other wilderness-quality lands in Alaska":

Pictured: Friends of Monarch

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